How to Move Into Your New Home by Christmas


If you have your heart set on celebrating Christmas at your new dream home, it is essential to get a move on instantly. Despite the financial crisis, the housing market remains busy and gets even more hectic closer to the festive season. 

There is a reported spike in activity near Christmas as people want to buy or sell by the holiday to kickstart the New Year after having achieved their goals of moving into a new house or selling their previous one. The start of Autumn is an excellent time to start preparing for a move if you want to spread festive spirit in your ideal living space. Let’s take a closer look at the steps you need to take if you’re going to move into a new home by Christmas.

Prepare Your Current Property for Selling

While this may not be applicable to everyone, most people need to sell their current property before moving into a new one. If this situation applies to you, preparing your house before putting it on the market is essential. Years of living in a place lead to quite a lot of wear and tear, which is hardly appealing to prospective buyers. A fresh coat of paint and general maintenance and repair is necessary before putting your house on the market.

Decide on the Removal Procedure

The bulk of moving and the most challenging part is putting all your possessions in boxes and moving them to your new living space. Luckily, many removal companies help you with the removal process. If you want to take assistance from a removal company, be sure to book a date well in advance, or you will lose your chance as it gets nearer to the holiday season. 

If you decide to DIY the removal, collect all the necessary materials, such as cardboard boxes, tape, and other storage materials. If you want any family members or friends to help, make sure to remind them periodically of their needed presence when you are moving. If you want to book a large vehicle to transport all your possessions, make sure to book it before the holiday season and the commencing rush.

Send Out Notifications With Your New Address

It always helps to tie up any loose ends before you move. Inform all the utility companies of your new address. Make sure to change your residential address on any official documents to save any hassle later. A great idea is to send your Christmas cards beforehand to everyone you want to share your new address with, informing them of the new chapter in your life.

Do Not Focus on the Setbacks

While your heart may be set on moving home by Christmas, and you might have made an immaculate plan to shift houses at the beginning of December, there are always hurdles. Plans do not always follow your timeline in the real world, and there might be delays and other setbacks that might make you panic. 

In this situation, stay calm and look for a solution rather than giving up hope. Moving is a very stressful process, and it is important to be in control of your circumstances to make sure the process goes smoothly. Do whatever is in your power, and just let the rest be. Get in touch with Kiln and lodge Estates today for more help in making the move before Christmas 2022

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